Terms & Conditions

 You can purchase electronic entrance vouchers for organizing visits to the museum in the "Museum Visit" section. Vouchers are paid using a credit card online. 

Be advised that:

- When buying a voucher for another person, you must enter the surname, name and patronymic of the person who is directly going to visit the museum when entering information about the visitor.

- When buying vouchers for several visitors, you only need to indicate the name, surname and middle name

- The entrance voucher is valid for 90 days

-  Any type of voucher gives the right to visit any exhibit object only once during one day.

- By purchasing vouchers for organizing visits to the museum, you can add to each order two free vouchers for children under 16 years of age.

To receive a free voucher indicated in the order you must:

1. After passing the security post, go to the cashier (next to the turnstiles);

2. Present to the cashier the voucher and a document proving your identity (surname, name and patronymic indicated in the voucher must coincide with the surname, name and patronymic in the document);

3. Present to the cashier any document confirming the age of the child.

- You can print the vouchers received by e-mail or save electronically on a mobile device. A two-day voucher must be printed, since not all Hermitage exhibition complexes have readers for the electronic barcode. A two-day voucher is valid for two consecutive days (excluding Monday, January 1 and May 9 - these days the museum is closed).

- To go to the museum, attach the barcode on the voucher to the reader on the turnstile (printed or electronic version of the barcode).

Please note: all vouchers from one order must be used at one visit to the museum, i.e. you cannot use one voucher from an order on one day and another on another day.

    • Return is made by a reverse transaction to the card that was used for purchase.


- Ordering a Tour online will allow you to book a place in the Tour group in advance and avoid the queue at the voucher office for the Tour voucher.

- The excursion voucher entitles you to visit a group excursion on the day and time specified in the voucher.

- The number of excursion participants in one order cannot exceed the number of entrance vouchers in this order.

- When ordering two excursions, you will receive an excursion voucher for each visitor for each of the excursions.

- Each excursion voucher has an individual bar code that must be scanned at the entrance to the Treasure Rooms. Received tour vouchers can be printed or saved on mobile devices.

- A free voucher when ordering excursions online is not provided.

- Ordering excursion online is possible no later than 1 day before the start of the tour.

- The gathering of the tour group is 10 minutes before the start of the tour. Each tour lasts 2 academic hours. The size of the group should not exceed 16 people.

- If the participant of the excursion is late for the gathering place of the excursion groups through their own fault, the service for organizing the excursion is considered to be provided.

- Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee for visitors with vouchers that there are no queues at the entrance to the Main Museum Complex in the morning, especially on Tuesday, during holidays and school holidays. Plan your visit time in advance.

- Please note that in exceptional situations, by decision of the management of the Hermitage, one or more exhibition complexes may be closed for visiting during the official hours of their work. Follow the information on the website of the State Hermitage (https://www.hermitagemuseum.org) and on the website of the online store (https://www.hermitageshop.ru).

- If you have any questions related to the work of the museum, or are interested in information about additional services for visitors, please contact the help desk by phone +7 (812) 429-74-07

 Cancellation and Refunds of vouchers

If your plans have changed, you can cancel the order.

To cancel the order you need to send an email to the email address of the Support Service at service@hermitageshop.com with the following data:

    • Order number(s);

    • Surname, name and patronymic of the person for whom the order is placed;

    • Last 4 numbers of credit card indicated at checkout;

    • Reasons for canceling the order

For online vouchers, the following cancellation policy applies:

    • A full refund of the order is possible within 5 days from the date of placing the order;

    • After a five-day period from the date of placing the order, the refund is processed minus the cost of processing the request - $3.95 for each specified person in a one-day voucher, for each excursion voucher and $4.95 for each specified person in a two-day voucher. The cost of processing an order includes, inter alia, commissions of banks and payment systems.

    • Partial cancellation of the order is not possible, - a refund can be processed only for all vouchers specified in the order;