Silk; polychrome textile print
51 1/8 х 15 5/8 in (130 х 40 cm)
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Time of welcoming the first red maple leaves is as popular in Japan as the cherry blossom season. People come from all parts of the country to watch the first reddening leaves of momiji, the Japanese red maple, which grows in the mountains and was specially planted in parks of Tokyo. This tradition – the koyo season – is deeply rooted in olden times as a reminder of ancient samurai history. A famous 19th century poet and artist Kano Nakanobu depicted warriors who in the likeness of birds sit on a maple branch covered with purple autumn leaves. The picture is accompanied by the lines of poetry celebrating the beauty of nature which is going to fall asleep on the threshold of long winter. Exquisite shimmering silk with the reproduction of this Hermitage masterpiece excellently renders the elegant harmony and charm of the autumn season.

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