Quartz movement; water resistant
Diam.: 1 2/5 in (3,5 cm)
Band: 8 2/3 in (22 cm)
Product Code: 002202
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“View of the Winter Palace from the Neva” is an exquisite watercolour painted by a Petersburg architect Joseph Charlemagne in the mid-19th century. Delicate watercolour technique artfully renders the complex architecture of the royal residence built in the magnificent Baroque style which is so characteristic for the reign of Elizabeth of Russia. The building of the Winter Palace soaring over the beautiful Neva seems light and unsubstantial. The water space in front of the Palace is full of sailing boats, both large and small. The fragment of Charlemagne’s famous watercolour from the Hermitage collection is incorporated into the design of the souvenir watch.

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