H. 9 1/2 in (24.5 cm)
D. 7 1/4 in (18.5 cm)
Weight: 2,712 kg
Product Code: 002192
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A decorative marble vase in the form of a krater (a vessel used to mix wine and water in Ancient Greece) adorns the grand staircase of the Hermitage Museum. This Medici-shape Vase was created in the mid-18th century by an unknown Italian craftsman. The marble krater bears the typical Classical subject – the procession of Dionysus, god of winemaking, accompanied by maenads and satyrs. In Classical art, the acanthus decorating the bowl symbolized the overcoming of hardships and the triumph of the winner. During the reign of Nicholas I (1825-55) such kraters were very popular due to their exceptional role in creating sumptuous interiors. This replica made by a modern craftsman imitates every detail of the beautiful antique vessel kept in the museum collection.

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