Plaster cast
H. 7 3/4 in (20 cm)
L. 7 3/4 in (20 cm)
W. 7 in (18 cm)
Weight: 0,99 kg
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Poseidon is one of the 12 great Olympians, the god of the sea, brother of Zeus and Hades. He is considered to have lived with his wife, the sea-nymph Amphitrite, and their son, Triton, in a splendid palace at the bottom of the sea with Nereids and hippocampi playing round them. Poseidon usually rushed across the sea in a chariot driven by sea-horses, holding a trident in his hand with which he caused storms. According to legend, he had 130 children, among whom was the Cyclope Polyphemus blinded by Odysseus. The modern Petersburg casters have recreated the famous head of Poseidon, a fragment of a Greek statue (a Roman copy of the 1st century AD). Its similarity to the original has been certified by the Hermitage experts.

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