Cast stone
H. 12 in (30.5 cm)
L. 3 1/2 in (9 cm)
W. 4 1/8 in (10.5 cm)
Weight: 0.95 kg
Product Code: 001109
Availability: In Stock

A reproduction of the statue of Queen Cleopatra, one of the masterpieces in the Hermitage's Ancient Egyptian collection. This black basalt statue of the Ptolemaic queen was created in the 3rd century BC. It represents a striding woman in a long tight-fitting dress, wearing a long tripartite wig with three uraei (royal snakes) and holding a cornucopia in her left hand and the ankh, the hieroglyph of life, in her lowered right hand. It has been skillfully crafted by experienced workmen of the Hermitage workshops. Each product has been compared to the original and approved by museum specialists. This queen’s regal confidence and purposeful figure make her an inspiring gift for any business woman.

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