Cast marble
H. 11 3/4 in (30 cm)
L. 7 7/8 in (20 cm)
W. 6 1/4 in (16 cm)
Weight: 2,31 kg
Product Code: 001108
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An increased interest in the individual made sculptural portraiture attain incredible heights in the period of the Roman Republic (510/509-30/27 BC). The ancient Roman masters focused particularly on conveying similarity of appearance. The influence of the Greek tradition can be seen in the working of shapes and the modeling of the surface of the material. The psychology of the work, and the typically Roman approach to narrative in sculpture remained unchanged. The artist who created this portrait did so without pomp and ceremony, but imbued it with clarity and simplicity. The modesty of the woman’s hairstyle and jewelry draws attention to the model’s face. The young woman seems sunk in thought. Her face appears contemplative, with her gaze turned inwards. Her lips are lightly smiling. The portrait is filled with a delightful charm, but with just a hint of melancholy and sorrow.

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