Plaster cast
H. 16 7/8 in (43 cm)
L. 11 3/8 in (29 cm)
W. 9 3/8 in (24 cm)
Weight: 2,1 kg
Product Code: 001107
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Cyniscus was the ancient Greek athlete, the winner in Olympic games. During excavations in the Greek city of Olympia, a base of a bronze statue was found, bearing the footprints and the name of Cyniscus, which is dated around 450 BC. It is known that the statue of an athlete crowned with the wreath of a winner was made by the famous Greek sculptor Polycleitus. The marble replica of the statue is kept in the British Museum, London. The Petersburg casters produced this bust after the well-known antique monument. The image of Cyniscus, who calmly and with dignity receives the celebrations in his honor as a winner, is the embodiment of nobility and reserve. The bust has been approved by the Hermitage Art Council.

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