Cast marble
H. 15 3/4 in (40 cm)
L. 6 1/4 in (16 cm)
W. 7 1/2 in (19 cm)
Weight: 2,76 kg
Product Code: 001096
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In 1802 Antonio Canova (1757-1822) sculpted a bust and statue of the first consul of France. The Italian sculptor, whose works emulated the greatest images from the ancient world, was to return several times to his subject and produced a number of portraits in marble and bronze. In his first piece, Canova removed any clothing or attributes that could serve as signifiers of the period. The smoothly polished, impeccably pure surface of the marble creates a sense of distance, separate from time. Orienting his work on classical models, the sculptor rendered an ideal image of a willful military commander, with inner strength, who had just started his conquest of Europe.

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