Cast marble
H. 11 1/4 in (28.5 cm)
L. 2 3/8 in (6 cm)
W. 3 3/8 in (8.5 cm)
Weight: 0,45 kg
Product Code: 001091
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Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor who was a defining figure in 20th-century art. With each new piece, the sculptor inspired awe and astonishment in his contemporaries. His masterpieces had as their subject wise philosophers, impulsive lovers and brave warriors. Age of Bronze is one of Rodin’s most famous works. By employing exceptional realism to depict a youth holding a spear, Rodin was challenging the world of academy art. The critics even accused him of trying to pass off as art a cast of his real-life model! The genius himself admitted that for him, “there is no such thing as beautiful style, no beautiful line, no beautiful color, and the only beauty is the truth that becomes visible.” It is this “truth of beauty” that has been captured in this carefully made replica of the sculpture held at the Hermitage.

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