Cast marble
H. 5 1/2 in (14 cm)
L. 3 7/8 in (10 cm)
W. 3 7/8 in (10 cm)
Weight: 1,3 kg
Product Code: 001083
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Michelangelo’s full concept here has never been fully understood. Some researchers believe that the statue intended for the Medici chapel in the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence was an allegory of the soul, while others considered it a wounded warrior, and a third hypothesis suggests it is a representation of human genius. The art historians may debate, but in the mean time, you can observe the play of light on the rough-hewn surface of the marble with its deep chisel marks still visible. Sense the tension of the pose, giving the impression of immense energy and force, as you examine the skillfully made replica of the Crouching Boy from the great genius Michelangelo.

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