Cardboard, paper
5 3/7 х 5 1/2 in (14.7 x 14 cm)
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"Colorful Dreams" collection was created for children based on one of the most famous exhibits of the Hermitage - "Peacock Clock". The collection features such charecters as peacock, owl and rooster - these birds  form the clock composition. The clock mechanism has a profound meaning: first, the owl wakes up, representimng night time, jingle bells hanging on the cage, the owl moves its head and foot, rolling its eyes. Then the peacock gracefully bows its small head and reveals its golden tail -  the symbol of the sun. Peacock turns and shows the reverse side of its tail - silver-plated surface, symbolizing the night. The rooster is the last to wake up. With the dynamic design, amusing characters, an original storyline, which represents the scheme of "Peacock clock" mechanism, this item will appeal to active, inquisitive children.

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