3D Model kit made of high quality thin carton
Age: 10+
40 peaces
1:150 scale
8 5/8 x 2 in (22 x 7 cm)
Medium difficulty level
Product Code: 005222
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Peter’s gates were the first triumphal gates in Saint Petersburg. The original wooden gates were replaced by metal one in 1717-1718. Apostle Peter’s statue appears on the façade. The bas relief features the figures which symbolize the wisdom of the rulers. A two-headed eagle, a national emblem was placed on top of the gates in 1720.

Neither glue nor scissors is needed to assemble the model. All details fit ideally. The model is rather small, but the assembly process is complicated. It can become a wonderful reminder of Saint Petersburg for both children and adults as they spend time together constructing the column.

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