Filler: aero floss
12 1/4 x 9 3/4 in (31 x 25 cm)
Weight: 0.35 pounds
Product Code: 004889
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"Favorite" collection was created for children based on one of the most famous exhibits of the Hermitage - "Peacock Clock". The main character of the clock composition is the golden peacock, located on an oak stump with curly branches, which looks like a pedestal.  When the clock mechanism is set in motion, the peacock gracefully bows its small head and reveals its golden tail -  the symbol of the sun. Peacock turns and shows the reverse side of its tail - silver-plated surface, symbolizing the night. This chartacter inspired the design of this toy pillow. On the basis of this chart pattern is a fun pillow-toy, which will be a nice present for a child.

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