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“An Egyptian Cat” Plaid
“The Hermitage Cats” textile collection features soft plaids for children “An Egyptian Cat”. The ..
$49.95 $35.00
“Lilac Bush” Souvenir Bag
The textile collection features a souvenir bag “Lilac Bush”. The motifs of the famous canvas by V..
$16.95 $9.95
"250 Years" Shot Glass
"250 Years" Shot Glass was made by modern St.-Petersburg masters in the best traditions of the Im..
$29.95 $14.00
"An Iranian Cat" Plaid
“The Hermitage Cats” textile collection features a soft plaid for children “An Iranian Cat”. The ..
$49.95 $35.00
"Camel" Silver pendant
A sterling silver handmade reproduction of a bronze pendant (8th-9th century) discovered during t..
$99.00 $49.00
"Catherine The Great. Art for Empire"
Russian Empress Catherine the Great was an avid collector and enlightened patron who understood t..
$69.00 $29.95
"Crown" Shot Glass
The Shot Glass is decorated with the Great Imperial Crown engraved by hand. Beneath it there are ..
$15.95 $7.00
"Elegy" Amber Ring in silver
Collection of jewelry “The Sunny Stone of Amber” offers an elegant silver ring with the insets of..
$79.00 $39.95
"Frog" Silver pendant
This frog pendant is based on amulets spread among the tribes of the Prikamye region (the souther..
$14.95 $7.95
"Horse" Silver pendant
This horse-shaped pendant is adapted from the so-called jingling pendants kept in the Hermitage a..
$64.00 $39.00

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