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"Kandinsky" Set of Mini-Magnets
Souvenir Stationery collection "Masterpieces of Painting" offers a set of mini-magnets "Kandinsky..
$7.95 $4.95
"Monferran" Ring
The depth and variety of the greens and the intricate pattern make malachite one of the best love..
"Night" Ring
This simple laconic ring copies the style of jewelry from the House of Faberge. Dark as a night e..
"Quarenghi" Ring
Malachite jewelry has always served their owners as talismans and amulets. Fine jewelry alloy fra..
"Slavyanka" Ring
Women greatly valued malachite jewelry as long ago as ancient Egypt. Cameos, amulets and rings wi..
"The Classics" Pendant
Malachite is one of nature’s most beautiful minerals. The design of this "The Classics" pendant l..
$119.00 $59.00
"The Classics" Ring
In times of yore, malachite was considered a precious stone in Russia, and jewelry was made for m..
Bell "Moscow"
The melodious ring of this little porcelain bell harmonizes beautifully with the elegant pattern...
$79.00 $39.00
Dutch Paintings from the Hermitage. A Book of Postcards
The thirty postcards in Dutch Paintings from the Hermitage reproduce a selection of artworks from..
$9.95 $2.95
“Good Friends” Notebook
The collection of souvenir stationery features a notebook “Good Friends” in textile hard cover. I..
$9.95 $3.95

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