Silver, enamel; gilding
Silver 0.16 ozm (4.61 gr)
Gold 0.01 ozm (0,28 gr)
7/8 x 4/8 in (2.2 x 1,2 cm)
Average weight: 0.19 ozm (5.39 gr)
Product Code: 005347
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* Colour:

This exquisite pendant was created exquisevely for the Hermetage Shop using the techniques that were widely used by the legentary House of Faberge. The stove melting technique requires low-melting colour glass to be  used as metal coating. The term ‘stoving’ means that the applied coat is cured at the temperature of about 800 °С.
This technique provides durability and easy handling of the jewelry. For better preservation the decoration will not be held liable to any mechanical damage. High temperatures, a long-term exposure to sunlight as well as the contact with household chemicals and cosmetics should also be avoided.

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