Brass and imitation jewels; enamelled and gilded
Height: 6 5/8 in (17 cm)
Width: 3 1/8 in (8 cm)
Weight: 1.4 lbm (620 g)
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It was the jeweler Carl Faberge who introduced a fashion at the Russian Imperial court to present Easter eggs made of gold or silver and decorated with precious stones. Among such Easter souvenirs was the Lilies of the Valley Egg made in the Art Nouveau style of gold and decorated with enamel, pearls, and cut diamonds. Emperor Nicholas II gave it to his wife, Alexandra Fiodorovna, for the Easter of 1898. It housed miniature portraits of the Emperor and two Grand Princesses, Olga and Tatyana, painted on ivory plates. This souvenir has been made after that historical prototype. The egg of pink enamel is entwined with the shoots of the lilies of the valley of imitation pearls. Easter usually falls on springtime. That's why the motif of the awakening nature and spring flowers was often used in the decoration of Easter gifts.

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