Brass and crystalls; enamelled and gildied
Height: 4 3/4 in (12 cm)
Wight : 2 1/8 in (5.5 cm)
Weight: 465 grams
Product Code: 000795
Availability: In Stock
* Colour:

The Chanticleer Egg is one of the three Easter eggs made by the House of Faberge using a clockwork singing bird. The original egg is encircled with a border of pearls. The white enamel clock face is painted with a red and green pattern of leaves and berries around each number. The top of the egg is an open-work decorated rondel which covers the surprise inside – a Chanticleer rooster in brightly colored enamel, set with diamonds. Every hour, the rondel swings open and Chanticleer sings, flapping his wings and opening his beak. There is a circular open-work door on the reverse side of the egg that provides access to the complex clockwork mechanism. The egg rests on a leg that in turn stands on a square pedestal with angled corners.

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