Clay; red-fiqure painting, with glaze
H. 7 7/8 in (20 cm)
Diam. 3 7/8 (10 cm)
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Since time immemorial people have made vessels from burnt clay – first with their own hands, later using the potter's wheel. Greek vessels has always been in demand because they combined the craftsman's art and the painter's talent. Oenochoe, a wine jug with one handle and a trefoil pouring spout, is one of the oldest forms of ancient pottery dating back to Crete and Minoan culture of Ancient Greece. Cupbearers who were invited to symposia skillfully poured wine from an oenochoe into three vessels simultaneously. Oenochoes were elaborately decorated with the palmette ornament, mythical sea creatures and images of gods. The classical pottery kept at the Hermitage Museum inspires modern masters who create their own works using Greek motifs from the famous collection. Nowadays such a vase may serve as an exquisite house decoration or a beautiful gift to a connoisseur of art.

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