Interbook-Business Publishers, 2001
152 pages
160 color illustrations
10 1/4 x 9 5/8 in (24.5 x 26 cm)
Available in English, German, French and Russian
Series: Masterpieces of Russian Folk Art
ISBN: 5891640805
Weight: 1,031 kg
Product Code: 000933
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The art of the lacquered box miniature has been developed in Russia since the late 18th century, and Mstera was the birthplace of this relatively new form of Russian folk art. Former icon-painters established the craft taking as their starting point the traditions of this most conservative of arts, and Mstera miniatures share many features with icon-painting. A particular concept of composition is characteristic of the Mstera style: there is almost always a landscape, with colored backgrounds and interplay between people, animals and birds. There is one other typical feature of Mstera painting, which is its decorative quality, with the delicacy, variety and subtleness of shades and one unified overall tone. We recommend this book with its many high-quality color illustrations of different pieces by Mstera craftsmen – boxes, caskets, icons, easter eggs and much more. There can be no question that this bright, beautiful book will make an original gift for lovers of art and admirers of Russian folk crafts.

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