Interbook-Business Publishers, 2001
148 pages
195 color illustrations
9 1/2 x 9 7/8 in (24 x 25 cm)
Available in English, German, French and Russian
Series: Masterpieces of Russian Folk Art
ISBN: 5891640864
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Khokhloma is an ancient village lost in the depths of the sleepy forests of the Volga region. It was the starting point of the world-famous art of Khokhloma decoration. Golden Khokhloma is a vibrant, original Russian folk art form. The craftsmen created simple domestic articles that were then painted with bright, striking designs, often with vivid natural motifs. These items are genuine works of art, with a beautiful shape, great functionality, and skillfully made. Khokhloma pieces, gleaming with gold and lustrous varnish, delight the eye with their colorful, poetic patterns that are popular throughout the world. This book presents the full variety of the craft for your delectation, and outlines the story of the development of this folk art. There are around 200 illustrations of utensils and ornaments from private and museum collections.

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