Interbook-Business Publishers, 2006
160 pages
235 color illustrations
9 1/2 x 10 1/4 in (24 x 26 cm)
Available in English, German, French and Russian
Series: Masterpieces of Russian Folk Art
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The art of goldsmiths from the mountainous village of Kubachi in Dagestan stretches back over many centuries. Exquisite pieces by Kubachi craftsmen that astonish with their beauty and delicacy are to be found in the collections of major museums in Russia and abroad. The jewelry masterpieces of the Kubachi artisans have long earned recognition around the world thanks to their unique style. They have been exhibited regionally and internationally, and have consistently won gold and silver medals for excellence. We are thrilled to present this stunning book of photographs, Kubachi Jewelry Art, which will provide you with an introduction to the scope and range of the Kubachi jewelers’ work. You will discover, through the premium-quality illustrations, the weapons, jewelry, tableware, writing sets and many other items, while the introductory article provides a detailed analysis of the special features of this particular art form, its traditions and history.

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