Interbook-Business Publishers, 2006
280 pages
240 color illustrations
Hardcover, in a case
13 3/8 x 9 7/8 in (34 x 25 cm)
Available in English and Russian
ISBN: 5891641526
Weight: 2,595 kg
Product Code: 000914
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The monuments of ancient Pskov – the architecture, frescos, icons, worked silver – have long been celebrated as an original and vibrant branch of Old Russian art. This richly illustrated book with pictures by the talented photographer Vadim Gippenreiter includes highly artistic and perfectly executed photographs of the architectural masterpieces of Pskov and its environs, as well as icons, church decorations and embroidery from the collection held at the museum in Pskov. These pictures recreate the historical and cultural atmosphere of Old Pskov and provide an introduction to the local architectural traditions which so influenced other centers of Old Rus. The text has been put together by Irina Rodnikova, an expert in Old Russian art at the Pskov Reserve Museum. These features and the top-quality format make the book an ideal gift.

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