The State Hermitage, 2015
432 pages
coloured illustrations
language: Russian
9.65 x 11.81 in
ISBN 978-5-93572-642-3
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This publication is devoted to the State Hermitage collection of eighteenth-century Russian furniture. It is the largest collection in Russia both in the number of pieces it includes and in the variety of structural and decorative design concepts. The earliest items date from the reign of Peter I when Russian furniture-making had only just begun to develop in line with fashionable European trends.
The furniture of the mid-18th century (Empress Elizabeth's reign) provides clear evidence that the fanciful baroque style was reflected in palace interiors.
It was the reign of Catherine II that saw the heyday of Russian furniture-making: highly artistic pieces were made not only in the imperial capital, but also in mnay provincial cities. The largest workshops were in St Petersburg and the furniture they produced struck contemporaries not only by its original design in the fashionable European spirit, but also by the high quality of the workmanship.
The Hermitage owns a collection of unique items made in the court workshop of the celebrated furniture-maker Christian Meyer.
The publication is inteded for a wide-circle of readers with an interest in Russian history and culture

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