The State Hermitage Museum, 2016
Colour illustrations
Language: English and Russian
10 3/4 x 13 1/2 in (27.2 x 34 cm)
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'Realisms' is an exhibition created by Contemporary art department of The State Hermitage Museum in cooperation with Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Simon Lee Gallery, and Halcyon Gallery. Exhibition features three contemporary artists: Mitch Griffiths, Tony Matelli, and Jim Shaw. Each of them work in different artistic techniques and deal with various aspects of reality.Mitch Griffiths (b. 1971, Nuneaton) is a British painter who finds his topics in contemporary art and his compositions in art history.Tony Matelli (b. 1971, Chicago) is an American sculptor, a former assistant of Jeff Koons. Exhibition presents one of his most famous works, the hyperrealist sculpture 'F*ck’d (Couple)' (Gary Tatintsian Collection, USA). Matelli uses his unique technically innovative method to imitate the visceral poignancy and nature of sensual reality. Jim Shaw (b. 1952, Midland) is an American artist, an apprentice of John Baldessari, pioneer of Conceptual art. Jim Shaw searches for alternative ways of reflecting reality in all its diversity. He does not shy away from experimenting or mastering previously unknown genres and techniques. The three groups of art works represent different aspects of using realistic method involving various ways of dealing with visual reality. Artists work with their imagery in different ways: by building a pompous history, or by organizing an enigmatic theatre, or by creating horrible pictures. 

"Mitch Griffiths" - 116 pages, ISBN 978-1-907849-35-0;
"Tony MaTelli" -  60 pages, ISBN 978-1-907849-36-7;
"Jim Shaw" - 60 pages, ISBN 978-1-907849-37-4.

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