The State Hermitage Museum, 2016
64 pages
Colour illustrations
Language: Russian
6 5/8 x 9 1/2 in (16.8 x 24 cm)
ISBN 978-5-93572-656-0
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The catalogue represents the the exhibition of two ancient Egyptian portrait statues from the collections of the State Hermitage and Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, with a connection to Vladimir Semyonovich Golénischeff (Golenishchev) (1856–1947), first Russian Egyptologist, has been organised to commemorate the 160th anniversary of his birth. Both statues depicting Amenemhat III (second half of the 19th century BC), one of the greatest rulers of the Middle Kingdom, are genuine masterpieces. Royal sculpture of this age marked the peak point of Egyptian art and was characterised by its deep psychological aspect and interest in the sitter’s individuality, unparalled in the three-thousand-year history of pharaonic Egypt. Golénischeff was the first to publish the Hermitage statue. He also bought the other one (now in the Pushkin Museum) for his collection. Through their comparison and attribution he was able to establish their characteristic features and thus lay the foundation for serious study of royal portraiture in the Middle Kingdom based on stylistic analysis.

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