Thames & Hudson Publishers, 2004
256 pages
Color illustrations
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Imperial Russia before the 1917 Revolution had great traditions of private collecting. The first important collections, excluding those of the imperial family, were made by the extremely rich and privileged nobility of Peter the Great and, later, the followers of Catherine the Great. In this lavishly illustrated book, the authors reconstruct a tour of the great Russian  collections as they would have been just prior to the fall of the Romanovs. They first examine the collections of such leading families as the Yusupovs, Sheremetevs, Stroganov and Volkonskys, and Catherine's lover Grigory Orlov and his warrior brothers. The creation of this inportant book involved gathering material from all the major museums in Russia and abroad, as well as from public and private archives. It is a remembrance of things past a testimonial to a great cultural and historic heritage. This is a book to fascinate anybody interested in art, collecting and Russia history, and is a completely novel overview of the art and palaces of imperial Russia.

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