Arca Publishers, 2012
224 pages
220 color illustrations
4 1/2 x 3 7/8 in (11.5 x 10 cm)
Available in English
ISBN: 9785912080654 (Eng.)
ISBN: 9785912080630 (Rus.)
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Both in the art of Classical Antiquity and of modern time, in works by European masters and those by Russian artists, the mischievous Cupid plays a very important part. He makes people and gods fall in love and suffer, they resist him and finally yield to his mercy. The subjects of thousands sculptures and engravings, paintings and porcelain articles, tapestries and boxes from the collection of the State Hermitage Museum deal with this dangerous and at the same time merciful god. The colorful edition will acquaint you with the Hermitage masterpieces on this entrancing theme.

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