Diameter: 2 1/4 in (6 cm)
Average weight: 0,6 oz (16 g)
Product Code: 005019
Availability: Soon in stock
Amber is a natural material, whose main properties (color, shape, size, inclusions) are unique for each piece. Therefore, while  acquiring  jewelry and decorative objects, you should be aware that amber articles may differ from the sample.
Contemporary jewelers frequently turn to nature for inspiration when creating their masterpieces. Basing their work on famous predecessors – like Jeremia Pauzie and Peter Fabergé – whose works are widely presented in the State Hermitage's collection, contemporary masters have created this bracelet based upon sea-buckthorn branches, which in autumn are covered with juicy bright orange oval berries. The skillfully honed oval stones are warm to the touch and will delight you with their elegant shine, even on overcast days.

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