Amber; carved and polished
Length: 18 1/2 in (47 cm)
Average weight: 36 grams
Product Code: 001988
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Amber is a natural material, whose main properties (color, shape, size, inclusions) are unique for each piece. Therefore, while acquiring amber jewelry and decorative objects, you should be aware that amber articles may differ from the sample. For this necklace the craftsman has carefully selected multicolored fragments of amber. Its simple shape is combined with a complex design of braiding in ancient Egyptian style: the elongate beads resemble the feathers of a kite – the sacred bird of the Egyptian goddess Nekhebet. The ancient Egyptians worshipped her as the embodiment of the Pharaoh’s power and believed that she provided him with victory over enemies. The necklace will be a nice accessory to your outfit and will perhaps bring you luck.

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