Brass, enamel, Swarovski crystals
1 x 4/8 in (2.4 x 1.3 cm)
Weight: 0.08 ozm (2.3 gr)
Product Code: 004804
Availability: Soon in stock

Items from the Faberge atelier were triumphs of Russian jewelry art and occupied an honored place in the palaces of kings of England, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. The exquisite and instantly recognizable works of the master jewelers of Faberge were a splendid symbol of their owner’s status. 
This "Color Spiral" pendant is an exact copy of one of the famous egg pendants of Carl Faberge, the great master himself. The spiral is a symbol of life force, development and constant change. Each twist in the spiral is the end of one movement and the start of another. The spiral lines are covered with sparkling stones and stretch the length of the piece. The space between the lines is covered in richly colored enamel. This delightful pendant would make a perfect gift for a young lady.

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