Buying tickets to the Hermitage

Entrance tickets to the Hermitage can be purchased over the Internet on the Tickets page of the shop website. Purchasing Hermitage tickets online allows the visitor to perform the transaction using a credit card and avoid standing in line at the museum ticket office. Attention buyers and agencies. Below you will find important information with requirements to purchasing large quantities of tickets/vouchers: Purchasing quantities of 20 and above vouchers for tourist groups PER VISIT. Please contact us with a specific arrival and visit DATE to the Hermitage State Museum. Our staff members will meet your group at the Hermitage State Museum on the designated day and will help exchange vouchers for real museum admission tickets. This will help avoid any discrepancies and any delays for the entire tourists group. Our representative’s name and direct contact information such as Office, Mobile Phone numbers and e-mails will be provided one week prior to your departure date. Please send us the name of your group’s representative and contact information as soon as possible. In addition to help us assist you better please email the Steam Line, Ship name or the Hotel name where you will be staying. For any questions or additional information please contact us at:

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How to purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased on the Tickets page of the shop’s website. While placing the order you will be asked to type in some information: your name, type and quantity of tickets, e-mail address, and credit card information. You will receive a confirmation, as well as the Ticket Vouchers, via the e-mail address that you provide to us, so it is very important that all of the information you entered is valid and correct. If you wish to buy two different types of tickets, you should place a separate order. Once you place your order through the website, you will receive an automated confirmation email, acknowledging that your order was received. If you did not receive this immediate confirmation email, containing your order number, it is mostly likely due to either an incorrect email address being provided or your email program blocking the sender (us). When you place an order with our e-shop, you will receive a Ticket Voucher via email in 20 minutes after completion of your order. If you have not seen this e-mail over 1 hour, we suggest to check your spam folder, our e-mail might stock in there, been treated as a spam. If you can not found e-mail with voucher attached, please e-mail to our customer support: and and we will resend it to you again, as well to any additional your e-mail addresses you would specify. The voucher came as an attachment file in PDF format. Note: In order to view and print PDF files, you will need to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. To open an Acrobat Reader file (a PDF file), double-click on it. The Order change and Order cancellation policyapplies to ticket sales. Unused Vouchers are refundable upon cancellation (less Processing Service Fee).

  • The voucher is valid for 6 month.
  • You can return your voucher and get the refund within 5 days after placing your order.
  • Partial refund is not possible; you can only return the whole voucher.
  • A nonrefundable Processing Service Fee $3.95 applies per each Ticket sold.

There are certain categories of visitors who are eligible for a free admission. You can find information about this below in the section entitled “Eligible for a free admission”.

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How to pick up tickets at the museum?

By purchasing Hermitage tickets online from this website you will avoid a long line at the ticketing office in the museum. Once you have done so, please follow these directions:

  • Print out your Voucher and have it with you while in S-Petersburg.
  • On the day of your visit, please use the address: 2, Dvortsovaya Ploshchad (Dvortsovaya Square) as the Main entrance to the State Hermitage Museum (see the Directions section).
  • From the 1st May to September 30th Internet Ticket Cashier Booth is situated right after the Main Gate (under the arch, before the entrance to the Main Yard). Look for “INTERNET TICKET” sign on the booth.
  • From the 1st October to April 30th go to the Administrator’s Desk (located in the center of the vestibule between the cashiers’ desks) in the Main Hall. To get there you should enter the museum through the main entrance, bypassing the queue that stands for the tickets to the cashiers’ desks.
  • Please, prepare the Ticket Voucher and a valid photo ID of the Voucher holder.
  • Present your Voucher to the Cashier, along with a valid form of ID.
  •  The Cashier will redeem/exchange your Voucher(s) for actual Ticket(s) for immediate admission. The voucher holder will not be able to redeem the voucher for the ticket(s) without the ID. Valid form of ID (passport, Drivers License, student ID card etc) is a requirement to enter the State Hermitage Museum. Internet Ticket Voucher carries your name, which should match the name of an actual Voucher holder.
  • When you receive the actual Ticket(s), proceed through the Main Yard to the Main Entrance, using the green corridor (marked as for people with tickets).
  • If needed present your Ticket(s) to the Entrance Administrator and enter the museum.
  • Follow the directions through the Main Hall to enter the expositions.

Should you have any problem retrieving your booking information in the Box Office system, the Reception Administrator (at the Main Hall Information Desk) will assist you to contact the Customer Service Office in St Petersburg. Customer Service phone number: + 7 (960) 269-2064. If you have forgotten or lost your Voucher and are in St Petersburg already, please contact the Customer Service Office before visiting the museum. The phone number: + 7 (960) 269-2064.

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Types of tickets

Two types of tickets are available through the website. The cost of the ticket includes a privilege to use photo/video cameras, where permitted. A nonrefundable Processing Service Fee $3.95 applies per each Ticket sold. Unused Vouchers are refundable upon cancellation (less Processing Service Fee).

Simple entrance ticket to the State Hermitage

Simple entrance ticket to the State Hermitage allows you to visit the whole complex of Hermitage buildings located on the Palace Embankment that contains the main exhibition halls. You will have access to the main displays and temporary exhibitions, housed in five interconnected buildings. This ticket is valid for one day. The booking is valid indefinitely. This type of ticket costs US $17.95.

Combined entrance ticket to the State Hermitage

A combined entrance ticket to the State Hermitage allows you to visit all the museum facilities operated by the State Hermitage in St Petersburg, including:

  • the main displays located in the five interconnected buildings of the museum on Palace Embankment Address: 38 Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya
  • the displays in the General Staff building Address: 8 Dvortsovaya Ploshchad
  • the Menshikov Palace Address: 15 Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya
  • the Winter Palace of Peter the Great Address: 32 Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya
  • the Porcelain Museum Address: 151 Prospekt Obukhovskoy oborony
  • the Staraya Derevnya Restoration and Storage Centre Address: 37A Zausadebnaya Street. Wednesdays – Sundays: 11.00, 13.00, 13.30, 15.30. Visits are by guided tour only. Individual visitors should learn previously about existence of places in excursion group by phone +7 (812) 340-10-26. For excursion service the additional payment is raised

This ticket is valid for two consecutive days. If the Museum is closed on one of the days, the second day to visit the Museum is automatically set to be the next business day. This type of ticket costs US $25.95. Internet Ticket Vouchers don’t have an expiration date and are valid indefinitely. You can use them any time in the future, at your convenience. But when you redeem/exchange your Voucher for an actual Ticket, the specific date(s) of your choice of when you wish to visit the Museum will be shown on the Ticket. For further information about the various displays operated by the Hermitage in St Petersburg, please use the following links:

Eligible for a free admission:

  • Children – under 17 years old
  • Students of educational institutions of any kind, regardless of age, country or citizenship, with a valid student’s ID card.
  • Retirees (citizens of Russia)
  • Members of ICOM – the International Council of Museums
  • Citizens holding the privilege to visit museums in Russia for free, as set forth by legislation of the Russian Federation.

Those who are eligible for a free admission to the State Hermitage Museum will get a Complimentary Entrance Ticket. If this happens to be a member of your family or group, and you are a Ticket Voucher holder, you may proceed all together to the Administrator; present the Administrator your Voucher and all the documents, confirming the privilege for a free admission (not required for pre-school and school-age children).

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Museum working hours

  • Daily (except Monday and Sunday)museum open from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.ticket office open from 10:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Sundaysmuseum open from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.ticket office open from 10:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Mondays museum is closed.ticket office is closed.
  • Russian public holidays listed below and pre-holidaysmuseum is open from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.ticketing office is open from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Russian public holidays:

  • 1 and 2 January – New Year’s Day
  • 7 January – Christmas Day
  • 8 March – International Women’s Day
  • 1 and 2 May – Labor Day/Spring Day
  • 9 May – Victory Day
  • 12 June – Russian Independence Day
  • 7 November – Day of Accord and Reconciliation
  • 12 December – Constitution Day

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Information for Visitors

You can obtain information about the Museum’s working hours and its services for visitors through the Hospitality Service of the State Hermitage. The Hospitality Service can be reached at: +7 (812) 710-9079. If you wish to order a guided tour, please call: +7 (812) 571-8446.

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Information for Visitors with Special Needs

Visitors with limited mobility may use the entrance from the Palace Square. For all questions related to organized visits to the museum for individuals with special needs and the rental of wheelchairs, please call: +7 (812) 710-9079, or ask for an Administrator’s assistance while in the Museum.

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Address: 2, Dvortsovaya Ploshchad (Dvortsovaya Square) 190000, St Petersburg

City Transport

  • Metro Stations: “Kanal Griboyedova”, “Nevsky Prospekt”, “Gostiny Dvor”
  • Trolleys: 1, 7, 10
  • Bus: 7
  • Express buses: 7, 10, 147
  • Minibuses: 128, 129, 147, 228

Simplified Public Transport Map

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